Sex Quotes

A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after.
Gloria Steinem

A man marries to have a home, but also because he doesn’t want to be bothered with sex and all that sort of thing.
W. Somerset Maugham

A promiscuous person is a person who is getting more sex than you are.
Victor Lownes

A sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate to be a thing.
Marilyn Monroe

A student undergoing a word association test was asked why a snowstorm put him in mind of sex. He replied frankly: “Because everything does.”
Honor Tracy

A widespread taste for pornography means that nature is alerting us to some threat of extinction.
James Graham Ballard

A woman occasionally is quite a serviceable substitute for masturbation.
Karl Kraus

Among men, sex sometimes results in intimacy; among women, intimacy sometimes results in sex.
Barbara Cartland

An erection is like the Theory of Relativity – the more you think about it, the harder it gets.
Unknown Author

An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.
Aldous Huxley

Any sex outside of the marriage bond between a man and a woman is violating God’s law.
Jerry Falwell

Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.
Robert Byrne

At the heart of pornography is sexuality haunted by its own disappearance.
Jean Baudrillard

Be naughty – save Santa a trip.
Unknown Author

Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired, hurt and bewildered.
Marilyn Monroe

Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It’s staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in.
Casey Stengel

Blake said that the body was the soul’s prison unless the five senses are fully developed and open. He considered the senses the ‘windows of the soul.’ When sex involves all the senses intensely, it can be like a mystical experence.
Jim Morrison

Celibacy is not just a matter of not having sex. It is a way of admiring a person for their humanity, maybe even for their beauty.
Timothy Radcliffe

Chastity: The most unnatural of the sexual perversions.
Aldous Huxley

Civilized people cannot fully satisfy their sexual instinct without love.
Bertrand Russell

Desire is in men a hunger, in women only an appetite.
Mignon McLaughlin

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?
Murray Banks

Don’t bother discussing sex with small children. They rarely have anything to add.
Fran Lebowitz

Don’t have sex, men. It leads to kissing and pretty soon you have to start talking to them.
Steve Martin

Don’t knock masturbation – it’s sex with someone I love.
Woody Allen

Don’t marry someone you would not be friends with if there was no sex between you.
William Glasser

Don’t worry, it only seems kinky the first time.
Unknown Author

During sex I fantasize that I’m someone else.
Richard Lewis

Evolution has programmed our brains to find two things particularly interesting, and therefore memorable: jokes and sex – and especially, it seems, jokes about sex.
Joshua Foer

Familiarity breeds contempt – and children.
Mark Twain

Fast sex, like fast food, is cheap, but it doesn’t nourish the body – or the soul.
Suzanne Fields

For flavor, instant sex will never supersede the stuff you have to peel and cook.
Quentin Crisp

For the first time in history, sex is more dangerous than the cigarette afterward.
Jay Leno

For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.
Isabel Allende

Great sex is wonderful while it’s happening, but who remembers great sex they had in 1983?
Bob Seger

Grown men should not be having sex with prostitutes unless they are married to them.
Jerry Falwell

Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.
Woody Allen

Hornover: what one wakes up with the morning after a night of getting too horny without release.
Sommeil Liberosensa

How did sex come to be thought of as dirty in the first place? God must have been a Republican.
Will Durst

How lucky we are that we can reach our genitals instead of that spot on our back that itches.
Flash Rosenberg

I admit, I have a tremendous sex drive. My boyfriend lives forty miles away.
Phyllis Diller

I am always looking for meaningful one night stands.
Dudley Moore

I am fed up with men who use sex like a sleeping pill.
Toni Braxton

I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.
Steve Martin

I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was ‘the man goes on top and the woman underneath.’ For three years my husband and I slept in bunk beds.
Joan Rivers

I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty.
George F. Burns

I happen to like uncomplicated sex.
Signourney Weaver

I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high. I’d rather have sex with Brian all the time than leave the house. He doesn’t mind.
Megan Fox

I haven’t trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I’ve never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex.
Erma Bombeck

I know nothing about sex, because I was always married.
Zsa Zsa Gabor

I need sex for a clear complexion, but I’d rather do it for love.
Joan Crawford

I never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television.
Gore Vidal

I only have two rules for my newly born daughter: she will dress well and never have sex.
John Malkovich

I prefer love over sex.
Enrique Iglesias

I regret to say that we of the FBI are powerless to act in cases of oral-genital intimacy, unless it has in some way obstructed interstate commerce.
J. Edgar Hoover

I remember the first time I had sex – I kept the receipt.
Groucho Marx

I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty.
John Waters

I think men talk to women so they can sleep with them and women sleep with men so they can talk to them.
Jay McInerney

I want to wait to have sex until I’m married.
Britney Spears

I would rather have a cup of tea than sex.
Boy George

I wouldn’t recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they’ve always worked for me.
Hunter S. Thompson

I’d like to meet the man who invented sex and see what he’s working on now.
Unknown Author

If every time you engage in a sex act, you go into a confession box, you will never accept your own sexuality.
George Weinberg

If I’m not interested in a woman, I’m straight-forward. Right after sex, I usually say, ‘I can’t do this anymore. Thanks for coming over!’
Vince Vaughn

If it wasn’t for pick-pockets I’d have no sex life at all.
Rodney Dangerfield

If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many books on how to do it?
Bette Midler

If some really acute observer made as much of egotism as Freud has made of sex, people would forget a good deal about sex and find the explanation for everything in egotism.
Wallace Stevens

If you can’t laugh about sex, you shouldn’t be doing it.
Sue Johanson

If your sexual fantasies were truly of interest to others, they would no longer be fantasies.
Fran Lebowitz

I’m a heroine addict. I need to have sex with women who have saved someone’s life.
Mitch Hedberg

I’m a married man. If I want sex at this particular point in my life, I go home for it.
Davy Jones

I’m all for bringing back the birch, but only between consenting adults.
Gore Vidal

I’m at the age where food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact, I’ve just had a mirror put over my kitchen table.
Rodney Dangerfield

I’m not cheap, but I am on special this week.
Unknown Author

I’m suggesting we call sex something else, and it should include everything from kissing to sitting close together.
Shere Hite

In advertising, sex sells. But only if you’re selling sex.
Jef I. Richards

In America, sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it’s a fact.
Marlene Dietrich

In my sex fantasy, nobody ever loves me for my mind.
Nora Ephron

Instruction in sex is as important as instruction in food; yet not only are our adolescents not taught the physiology of sex, but never warned that the strongest sexual attraction may exist between persons so incompatible in tastes and capacities that they could not endure living together for a week much less a lifetime.
George Bernard Shaw

It doesn’t matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.
Mrs. Patrick Campbell

It is illegal in England to state in print that a wife can and should derive sexual pleasure from intercourse.
Bertrand Russell

It is not economical to go to bed early to save the candles if the result is twins.
Chinese Proverb and Sayings

It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover.
Marge Piercy

Its avowed purpose is to excite sexual desire, which, I should have thought, is unnecessary in the case of the young, inconvenient in the case of the middle aged, and unseemly in the old.
Malcolm Muggeridge

It’s been so long since I’ve had sex I’ve forgotten who ties up whom.
Joan Rivers

It’s so long since I’ve had sex I’ve forgotten who ties up who.
Joan Rivers

Join me in Olympic Heros for Abstinence. The best sex is no sex.
Kurt Angle

Kids in back seats cause accidents, accidents in back seats cause kids.
Unknown Author

Kids. They’re not easy. But there has to be some penalty for sex.
Bill Maher

Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken.
Unknown Author

Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist.
Camille Paglia

Literature – creative literature – unconcerned with sex, is inconceivable.
Gertrude Stein

Literature is mostly about having sex and not much about having children. Life is the other way round.
David Lodge

Litigation takes the place of sex at middle age.
Gore Vidal

Love ain’t nothing but sex misspelled.
Harlan Ellison

Love is a matter of chemistry, but sex is a matter of physics.
Unknown Author

Love is just a system for getting someone to call you darling after sex.
Julian Barnes

Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin – it’s the triumphant twang of a bedspring.
S. J. Perelman

Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.
Woody Allen

Lust will curdle like milk if you don’t keep using it up.
Unknown Author

Managing people’s sex lives is something that I don’t think is a good role for government.
William Weld

Marriage is for women the commonest mode of livelihood, and the total amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater in marriage than in prostitution.
Bertrand Russell

Married sex is like being awake during your own autopsy. It is root canal work without anesthetic.
Al Goldstein

Masturbation: the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century it was a disease; in the twentieth, it’s a cure.
Thomas Szasz

Maybe our generation is more about sex, but it feels like romance is dying out.
Orlando Bloom

Men are those creatures with two legs and eight hands.
Jayne Mansfield

Men get laid, but women get screwed.
Quentin Crisp

Men reach their sexual peak at eighteen. Women reach theirs at thirty-five. Do you get the feeling that God is playing a practical joke?
Rita Rudner

Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn’t have it and thought of other things if you did.
James Arthur Baldwin

My cock doesn’t talk politics.
S. A. Sachs

My mother wanted me to understand that as a woman I could do pretty much whatever I wanted to, that I didn’t have to use sex or sexuality to define myself.
Suzanne Vega

My mother was like a sister to me, only we didn’t have sex quite so often.
Emo Philips

My sexual preference is often.
Unknown Author

My wife is a sex object. Every time I ask for sex, she objects.
Les Dawson

My wife wants sex in the back of the car and she wants me to drive.
Rodney Dangerfield

Nature abhors a virgin – a frozen asset.
Clare Boothe Luce

Neither sex, without some fertilization of the complimentary characters of the other, is capable of the highest reaches of human endeavor.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Never let the little head do the thinking for the big head.
Unknown Author

Nobody dies from lack of sex. It’s lack of love we die from.

Nothing is either all masculine or all feminine except having sex.
Marlo Thomas

Nymphomaniac: a woman as obsessed with sex as an average man.
Mignon McLaughlin

Obscenity is whatever gives the Judge an erection.
Unknown Author

Of all the sexual aberrations, chastity is the strangest.
Anatole France

Older women are best because they always think they may be doing it for the last time.
Ian Fleming

Once you see your nature, sex is basically immaterial.

People will always choose more money over more sex.
Douglas Coupland

People’s attitudes about sex aren’t healthy anywhere, except maybe in those tribes where they go around naked.
Asia Argento

Playboy exploits sex the way Sports Illustrated exploits sports.
Hugh Hefner

Pornography is supposed to arouse sexual desires. If pornography is a crime, when will they arrest makers of perfume?
Richard Fleischer

Pornography is the attempt to insult sex, to do dirt on it.
D. H. Lawrence

Pornography tells lies about women. But pornography tells the truth about men.
John Stoltenberg

Religion is probably, after sex, the second oldest resource which human beings have available to them for blowing their minds.
Susan Sontag

Remember, if you smoke after sex you’re doing it too fast.
Woody Allen

Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over ’til you both get your cookie.
Alec Baldwin

Sex – the poor man’s polo.
Clifford Odets

Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it.
Woody Allen

Sex and beauty are inseparable, like life and consciousness. And the intelligence which goes with sex and beauty, and arises out of sex and beauty, is intuition.
David Herbert Lawrence

Sex and obscenity are not synonymous. Obscene material is material which deals with sex in a manner appealing to prurient interest.
William J. Brennan, Jr.

Sex and older women used to be considered an oxymoron, rarely mentioned in the same breath.
Gail Sheehy

Sex appeal is the keynote of our civilization.
Henri Bergson

Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope.
George Burns

Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful; provided you get between the right man and the right woman.
Woody Allen

Sex education has to do with what’s in people’s head.
Donna Shalala

Sex education may be a good idea in the schools, but I don’t believe the kids should be given homework.
Bill Cosby

Sex got me into trouble from the age of fifteen: I’m hoping that by the time I’m seventy I’ll straighten it out.
Harold Robbins

Sex has become much more competitive, with the girls becoming sort of predators as well. It’s ferocious.
Martin Amis

Sex in a woman’s world has the same currency a penny has in a man’s. Every penny saved is a penny earned in one world and in the next every sexual adventure is a literary experience.
Harry Golden

Sex in the morning. Which is the best time to have it. As long as you’ve cleaned your teeth beforehand.
Thom Yorke

Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Sex is a big question mark. It is something people will talk about forever.
Catherine Deneuve

Sex is a conversation carried out by other means. If you get on well out of bed, half the problems of bed are solved.
Peter Ustinov

Sex is a discovery.
Fannie Hurst

Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical, but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way.
David Lynch

Sex is a flame which uncontrolled may scorch; properly guided, it will light the torch of eternity.
Joseph Fetterman

Sex is a momentary itch, love never lets you go.
Kingsley Amis

Sex is a natural function. You can’t make it happen, but you can teach people to let it happen.
William H. Masters

Sex is a part of love. You shouldn’t go around doing it unless you are in love.
Bettie Page

Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.
Marilyn Monroe

Sex is a two-way treat.
Franklin P. Jones

Sex is an emotion in motion.
Mae West

Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.
Marquis de Sade

Sex is better than talk…Talk is what you suffer through so you can get to sex.
Woody Allen

Sex is emotion in motion.
Mae West

Sex is full of lies. The body tries to tell the truth. But, it’s usually too battered with rules to be heard, and bound with pretenses so it can hardly move. We cripple ourselves with lies.
Jim Morrison

Sex is God’s joke on human beings.
Bette Davis

Sex is great until you die, but it’s never as great as it was when you were a kid, when it was a mystery.
David Duchovny

Sex is hardly ever just about sex.
Shirley MacLaine

Sex is interesting, but it’s not totally important. I mean it’s not even as important as excretion. A man can go seventy years without a piece of ass, but he can die in a week without a bowel movement.
Charles Bukowski

Sex is like art. Most of it is pretty bad, and the good stuff is out of your price range.
Scott Roeben

Sex is like having dinner: sometimes you joke about the dishes, sometimes you take the meal seriously.
Woody Allen

Sex is like money; only too much is enough.
John Updike

Sex is like snow, you never know how many inches you’re going to get or how long it will last.
Unknown Author

Sex is like washing your face – just something you do because you have to. Sex without love is absolutely ridiculous. Sex follows love, it never precedes it.
Sophia Loren

Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.
Andy Warhol

Sex is not sinful, but sin has perverted it.
Walter Lang

Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. “Yes” is the answer.
Swami X

Sex is on the minds of most people, especially those who shouldn’t be having it.
William Glasser

Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant.
Henry Miller

Sex is the best high. It’s better than any drug. I want to die making love because it feels so good.
Bai Ling

Sex is the biggest nothing of all time.
Andy Warhol

Sex is the ersatz or substitute religion of the 20th Century.
Malcolm Muggeridge

Sex is the great amateur art. The professional, male or female, is frowned on: he or she misses the point, and spoils the show.
David Cort

Sex is the last refuge of the miserable.
Quentin Crisp

Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.
Woody Allen

Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.
Malcolm Muggeridge

Sex is unclean, not because of the pleasure, but because of the suffering it brings.
Theodore Roeszak

Sex is. There is nothing more to be done about it. Sex builds no roads, writes no novels and sex certainly gives no meaning to anything in life but itself.
Gore Vidal

Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex.
Havelock Ellis

Sex on television can’t hurt you unless you fall off.
Unknown Author

Sex outside marriage is sin; sex within marriage is not sin.
Bertrand Russell

Sex pleasure in woman is a kind of magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements oppose the magic of caresses, the spell is broken.
Simone de Beauvoir
Sex ran in him like the sea.
John Masefield

Sex relieves tension – love causes it.
Woody Allen

Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it’s one of the best.
Woody Allen

Sex without love is merely healthy exercise.
Robert A. Heinlein

Sex, a great and mysterious motive force in human life, has indisputably been a subject of absorbing interest to mankind through the ages.
William J. Brennan, Jr.

Sex, sexual dynamics and how we define our sexuality, is one of the major deals in everyone’s life.
Molly Parker

Sex. In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact.
Marlene Dietrich

Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable.
Lord Chesterfield

Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble.
John Barrymore

Sex? Unfortunately, as you get older – and I shouldn’t admit this – there are other things that become more important in your daily life.
Alex Trebek

Sexual love is the most stupendous fact of the universe, and the most magical mystery our poor blind senses know.
Amy Lowell

Skiing is better than sex actually, because for me a good round of sex might be seven minutes. Skiing you can do for seven hours.
Spalding Gray

Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex.
Karl Marx

Software is like sex: it’s better when it’s free.
Linus Torvalds

Some things are better than sex, and some are worse, but there’s nothing exactly like it.
W. C. Fields

Sperm is a bandit in its pure state.
Emil Cioran

The ability to make love frivolously is the chief characteristic which distinguishes human beings from the beasts.
Heywood C. Broun

The art of procreation and the members employed therein are so repulsive, that if it were not for the beauty of the faces and the adornments of the actors and the pent-up impulse, nature would lose the human species.
Leonardo da Vinci

The best contraceptive is a glass of cold water: not before or after, but instead.
Unknown Author

The best kind of kinky sex is to have kinky sex with your wife or husband, the person you love.
Frank Langella

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs less.
Brendan Francis

The common thread that binds nearly all animal species seems to be that males are willing to abandon all sense and decorum, even to risk their lives, in the frantic quest for sex.
Randy Thornhill

The difference between light and hard is that you can sleep with a light on.
Unknown Author

The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting.
Gloria Leonard

The difference between sex and death is that with death you can do it alone and no one is going to make fun of you.
Woody Allen

The fact is that young people are going to have sex whether you like it or not.
Emma Thompson

The first girl you go to bed with is always pretty.
Walter Matthau

The good thing about masturbation is that you don’t have to get dressed up for it.
Truman Capote

The higher mental development of woman, the less possible it is for her to meet a congenial male who will see in her, not only sex, but also the human being, the friend, the comrade and strong individuality, who cannot and ought not lose a single trait of her character.
Emma Goldman

The human spirit sublimates the impulses it thwarts; a healthy sex life mitigates the lust for other sports
Piet Hein

The main problem in marriage is that for a man sex is a hunger like eating. If the man is hungry and can’t get to a fancy French restaurant, he goes to a hot dog stand. For a woman, what is important is love and romance.
Joan Fontaine

The major civilizing force in the world is not religion, it is sex.
Hugh Hefner

The natural man has only two primal passions, to get and beget.
William Osler

The only thing wrong with being an atheist is that there’s nobody to talk to during an orgasm.
Unknown Author

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform.
Alfred Kinsey

The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer.
Marcus Aurelius

The tragedy is when you’ve got sex in the head instead of down where it belongs.
D. H. Lawrence

The tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul.
William B. Yeats

The truth is, sex doesn’t mean that much to me now.
Lana Turner

There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible.
P. J. O’Rourke

There is hardly anyone whose sexual life, if it were broadcast, would not fill the world at large with surprise and horror.
William Somerset Maugham

There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don’t need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.
Audrey Hepburn

There is need of variety in sex, but not in love.
Theodore Reik

There is no female mind. The brain is not an organ of sex. As well speak of a female liver.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

There is nothing safe about sex. There never will be.
Norman Mailer

There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats.
Elton John

There is one universal sex law: Sex shall not be unregulated.
Robert Anton Wilson

Therefore, sins of sex are punished in this life to a greater degree than some other sins.
Walter Lang

There’s no religion but sex and music.

There’s nothing better than good sex. But bad sex? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better than bad sex.
Billy Joel

To hear many religious people talk, one would think God created the torso, head, legs and arms, but the devil slapped on the genitals.
Don Schrader

To know the difference between erotica and pornography you must first know the difference between naked and nude.
Bernard Poulin

To speak of morals in art is to speak of legislature in sex. Art is the sex of the imagination.
George Jean Nathan

To succeed with the opposite sex, tell her you’re impotent. She can’t wait to disprove it.
Cary Grant

Vanity, revenge, loneliness, boredom, all apply: lust is one of the least of the reasons for promiscuity.
Mignon McLaughlin

Virginity can be lost by a thought.
St. Jerome

We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation.
Lily Tomlin

We thought sex was free. Sex is not free. There’s a price to be paid emotionally, physically, even legally. Sex isn’t a casual thing. It’s a huge thing.
William H. Macy

What do I know about sex? I’m a married man.
Tom Clancy

What is commonly called love, namely the desire of satisfying a voracious appetite with a certain quantity of delicate white human flesh.
Henry Fielding

What laughter is to childhood, sex is to adolescence.
Martha Beck

What’s the difference between sex and love? I have four wives and five kids. I apparently don’t know the difference.
James Caan

When a man goes on a date he wonders if he is going to get lucky. A woman already knows.
Frederike Ryder

When a person has sex, they’re not just having it with that partner, they’re having it with everybody that partner has had it with for the past ten years
Otis Ray Bowen

When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities.
Matt Groening

When I attained a certain advanced intimacy with a man, and I don’t just mean sex, I married him.
Hedy Lamarr

When I have sex with someone I forget who I am. For a minute I even forget I’m human. It’s the same thing when I’m behind a camera. I forget I exist.
Robert Mapplethorpe

When I’m with my friends’ teenage children, I always say, ‘Are your friends having sex yet?’
Sharon Stone

When it comes to sex there are certain things that should always be left unknown, and with my luck, they probably will be.
Woody Allen

When sex is necessary for the plot of a book, or a character development, then I don’t shy away from it. Why should I?
Laurell K. Hamilton

When the authorities warn you of the dangers of having sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities.
Matt Groening

Whenever women catfight, men think it’s going to turn to sex.
Yasmine Bleeth

Why should we take advice on sex from the pope? If he knows anything about it, he shouldn’t!
George Bernard Shaw

Winning is like sex, the more you do it, the more you like it.
Felix Sabates

Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.
Billy Crystal

Women who love women are Lesbians. Men, because they can only think of women in sexual terms, define Lesbian as sex between women.
Rita Mae Brown

You know that look women get when they want sex? Me neither.
Drew Carey

You know, of course, that the Tasmanians, who never committed adultery, are now extinct.
W. Somerset Maugham

You know, sex is actually not so original as the way people love or the stories behind each relationship, which is what you remember. Sex is sex in the end.
Jane Campion

You’ve got to have a sense of humour about sex. When you look at it, it’s all pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?
Cat Deeley