How to Organize Books

Get fast access to books in your bookshelf

The best way to find information, quotes or unforgettable thoughts which are always useful for our daily lives, is by getting all books organized by determined criteria.

Many readers enjoy the arbitrary organization of bookshelves. Having not a rule for storing books is, in fact, a valid option, but if you try to arrange them in a logical way, you’ll notice positive differences.

Depending on the size of your book collection, you may opt for different methodologies. We always come back to books that have already been read, even if it happens many years later.

The most common way of organizing books, in home libraries, is by sorting them in alphabetical order, by the author, from ‘A’ to ‘Z’. Normally, it’s easier to remember the author of a book, than the title of it. The exception goes for classics or best-sellers.

Another way of organizing your bookshelf is by defining book genres and putting them side by side. You’ll have a specially designated area for romance books, design books, management books, fiction books, art books, sports books, etc.

Finally, for some readers, a group of books is always being checked for professional, or hobby reasons. A doctor, lawyer or architect has specialized books that should be at eye level, in the bookshelf. This means that the less used books may be moved up to let space free for the most read ones.

Books that are regularly consulted should be organized standing upright so that it is easier to pick and read.

Books are rarely organized by color, publication date or publishing company. Larger and heavier books should also be placed in the lower space to avoid falling over your head.

Large books collections may require tags so that you can easily get what you’re looking for.

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