The Best Online Self-Publishing Websites

Publish your new book online and get up to 100% royalties

You’ve finished your book. The moment has arrived.

It’s time to share your words with everyone. Book readers are always open to new, innovative content, stories and knowledge.

How will your book reach a vast audience of readers, in all the countries in the world? The answer is simple. The solution to your book publishing problems is online.

Forget slow negotiations, meetings with book publishing companies and small royalties. You can control your own book career and still get money for the digital sales.

In “How to Publish your Book“, you’ve learned the advantages and disadvantages of publishing a book in a classical way, through trade companies.

Self-publishing a book online is easy, quick and will make your book travel through a large number of countries and cultures. Fortunately, there are excellent online publishing sites for new authors.

Kindle Direct Publishing, by Amazon, will publish your book in less than five minutes. Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more.

Lulu is an open publishing site, with more the 20000 titles in their catalog and over one million authors. You’re free to publish your book and get 80% of the overall sales.

CreateSpace is a book, music and video center for those willing to publish their work. The company is part of the Amazon group and can quickly reach millions of readers, through the Amazon Kindle Store. You get 70% of the sales’ royalties.

SmashWords is considered world’s largest distributor of indie eBooks. Are you an independent book authors? Get 85% or more of the net sale revenues and tools for promoting your creations.

BookBaby promises to end the rejection letters and will make everything to spread your book in the most distant corners of the world. Pay a small fee and get 100% of royalties.

Nook Press, by the iconic Barnes & Noble, is an online, self-service portal where authors upload their eBooks and make them available for sale through the Barnes & Noble eBookstores. Available for US publishers, only.

BookTango is an independent eBook publisher with over 170000 titles available. Design a cover, provide information about your content, publish and sell. Get 100% of royalties.

Scribd wants to be the world’s largest online library, with entertaining, informative and original written content from every author in the planet. Read, publish and share documents and written works.

Blurb lets you publish and promote stunning, high-quality books, in print and on the iPad. Get 100% of royalties on print books and 80% of your sales price on an eBook.

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