How to Publish a Book

The advantages of self-publishing and traditional publishing

You’ve finished writing a book, and you want to publish it.
Fortunately, there are only two ways of marketing your new book: self-publishing it or selling your book to a publisher.

Today, it’s easier to sell your own book. The digital channels have been improved, and readers are turning into e-book readers.

There are several digital formats in which your brand new work can be transformed in. The simpler one is, obviously, plain text. But you deserve better.

Formats like .PDF, ePub, HTML, Mobipocket, Kindle, Multimedia eBook, Newton Book, eReader, Plucker and Post Script will be able to spread the number of readers you will have on several platforms.

The advantages of self-publishing are many. If you publish your own book, you won’t get rejections from trade publishers, you will increase the revenues from the book sales and you can quickly put it out on the market.

Amazon, for example, has created an online book publishing label that will get your new book sold in wider markets, reaching millions of electronic readers.

In conclusion, self-publishing lets you control the content, pagination, design, format, price, rights, marketing and communication of your latest book.

Of course, there’s always the traditional book publishing way, in which a third party handles almost all the process.

Classic publishing companies take care of it all. Also, you have the privilege and pleasure of touching a book and its pages. Seeing your favorite book in the bookshelves is always an exciting moment.

Publishing firms may also get you a check for signing or an advance on future book sales. The best way of getting a good publishing company is by listing all national businesses and getting them a copy of your work.

Later, analyze the best offers and make sure they’re promoting your book in a wide variety of channels, from newspapers and TV to social networks and blogs.

Make a decision and become a best-seller.

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