When to Write a Book?

Inspiration is the key ingredient for writing a best-selling book

Books were made for being written, published and sold. The greatest books of all time have been developed in crucial moments of the history of the civilizations, or in the most important dates in the life of men and women. Writers get inspired by life, humans, animals, Nature and objects.

But, is there a particular hour of the day to write a book?
The answer is “yes”. And there’s more. Books result of a desire to share ideas, beliefs, knowledge and feelings. The trigger for book writers is often an emotional event – birth, death, change, trauma – or a rational event – to teach, to mark history, to share knowledge.

So, if you’re about to write the first book of your life, try to feel when it’s time to grab the pen or hit the computer keyboard. Technically, and from a medical point of view, writing a book is easier after the early morning coffee.

Human brains are “fresher” in the morning, after a good night sleep. It’s easier to coordinate and manage ideas with the early sun rays. Of course, many well known Nobel Prize writers have already explained why nighttime is the best time to write a book.

Writing a book late in the night is an inspiring thing for many best-selling writers and book lovers. The silence and the dark of the night are regularly cited as the best moments of the day to produce a passionate book.

Regular physical exercise and nutrition help focus on the writing task.

Also, try to schedule a flexible agenda to keep the writing pace alive. You do not want to force your inspirational drive, but pragmatism and effectiveness are very important rules.

Setting a timer can also be useful unless you’re really doing very well. Planning 45-minute sessions of writing, before a 10-minute break, is a good advice. Writing a book shouldn’t be an exhausting marathon.

Words and characters will flow. Whether you’re writing a novel, a romance, a historical fiction book or a biography, make sure you set some fair rules. Socialize with family and friends, walk the dog and sleep seven hours.

In the next day, before starting your writing session, take a quick look at yesterday’s phrases and connect with the new ideas. Inspiration for writing books is all about timing.

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