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And it is the child the one that must be considered the noble savage, spoiling her, mis-shaping her the least we possibly can.

Be faithful to all because all are you.

Believing, thus, that man is born good, which means on my regard that he is born a brother to the world, not its owner and destroyer, I think that education has not been much else than the system through which this fraternity is transformed in domination.

Don’t feel satisfied with a party’s program: invent one better.

Don’t make too many plans for your life, so as not to ruin those it has in store for you.

For the philosopher there are never the blind who don’t want to see, there is always the blind who can’t see.

I am not interested in being original. I am interested in being true.

I am not of the orthodox, nor of the heterodox: each expresses but half of life; I am of the paradox that contains it in total.

It is perhaps a sign of bondage to the phenomenal world, the terror and pain before the arrival of death, or the serene but saddened resignation with which the greeks made it a sweet sister of sleep; for the free spirit it should be, like sound and color, false, exterior and fleeting. And the higher we will rise the less we consider death as a riddle or a ghost, the more we look at it as a form within forms.

It’s perfectly understandable that the Portuguese have a passion, not for the predictable Father or predictable Son, but for that thing, that wandering dove that goes wherever it wants, just as he, the Portuguese, does.

Loving others and wanting their good has been the reason of much oppression and much death; essentially, you must not love in others anything but freedom, theirs and yours. They must, for love, cease being slaves, as must we, for love, cease being slave owners.

Man was not born to work, but to create.

Não me interessa ser original: interessa-me ser verdadeiro.

One day the idea dawned on me. One dawn when I had gotten up to write or read, I am not quite sure which, the idea came to me that one could produce pamphlets on certain subjects, in simple, clear language and in just a few pages, that would give people the opportunity to take an interest in these subjects and carry on the work. And I started writing…

Only by speaking you preserve silence.
Politics has been the art of having peace through injustice.

That each man is different from myself and unique in the universe; that I am not the one, consequently, that must reflect instead of him, that knows what is best for him, that must point his way. Towards him I have only one right: helping him to be himself; as my essential duty to myself is being who I am, as uncomfortable as that may be.

The time has come to prepare ourselves for new voyages, for the casting off of moorings is at hand; and, although we know the cross is eternal in this world of ours, perhaps it best be substituted in the unfurling sails throughout the fleur-de-lis of the North of maps, with Queen Isabel’s Holy Spirit and the perfect Trinity. The woman is very close to Nature; she has the same enchantment and the same dangers.

There is only space when you see and there is only time when you think.

Thoughts move without changing place.

To live is more important than to have lived; and life is only real life when we feel something different outside of us.

What is really traditional is the invention of the future.

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