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Anyone who is shocked by two women kissing in 1995 is a fucking half-wit.

Because live music pays better than making records people are being rewarded for not being creative. Time spent in the studio creating new music is sacred to me. If you’re rewarded for that less, that’s not a good thing.

Fans? The fans can choke on it! I’m going to Bermuda.

Foucault was right. It’s all about power. And sex. And fringes. He who has the best fringe wins. Especially if he can shake his arse in a way that makes young ladies wet.

Healthy food and a bit of meditation works wonders.

I am not the Pope. And ‘forgive’ is probably the wrong word. But yes, I have come to terms with the young Brett Anderson. Especially the young Brett Anderson parading about in a woman’s blouse.

I hate going to a party and getting trapped by men talking about cars.

I hate it when you see famous people complaining about their lot because it’s in the nature of what they wanted in the first place. You can’t accept the adoration, then complain about the intrusion. It’s part of the pact you’ve entered. There is a sinister side which I’ve had experience of but you have to accept it if you excite people.

I hated classical music. There was something quite aggressive about my dad’s obsession with classical music that made you want to reject it and find fault in it.

I have never felt the pressure from others. The only pressure we feel is from ourselves. We’ve only wanted to impress each other.

I have no interest in writing about the Britpop years. I can’t think of anything more tedious. It’s so obvious. How many more idiots do you want talking about it?

I think there’s always a place for Suede because we occupy a space that no one else occupies.

I would never do it just for the money, but would not have a problem with it if it was for the right reasons. Like if a member of Suede sent me a great piece of music, and I was inspired to write to it and felt we could make a great record. I’d do it if it didn’t come across as sad, but that’s a big if – I don’t think bands can reform without it looking sad.

If we wanted to be controversial we’d have called the album ‘I fucked dogs’. It’s fucking easy to be controversial and difficult to be good.

I’m a bisexual man who’s never had a homosexual experience.

I’m a vegetarian who likes to eat fish. And chicken. And beef. Raw beef. The rawer the better. I like it bloody.

I’m definitely not interested in getting up in the morning if it hasn’t got to do with music.

I’m still dysfunctional enough to write a decent song.

It amused me to read we’d been styled. We developed junk shop chic ’cause we were on the dole.

I’ve always been obsessed with women.

I’ve got plums but I’m not a plumber.

People want to hear the songs from the band’s heyday. We’ve got a duty to the fans not to ruin the legacy.

Pop music is a beautiful, powerful force and it needs to be kept in good hands.

The idea that love is the pursuit of a piece of meat for sex is so powerful.

The part about being in a band that had become tiring and repetitive for me was having your life mapped out for you, and this childish need to belong to something which tells you what to do all the time. I wanted to develop beyond being an emotionally immature person who just gets up and writes songs.

They (The Sex Pistols) were the first band I loved. They’re the most important band ever. They turned music on its head and reinvented what it was to be a performer.

Today people want pop idols.

What’s the drug of choice? I’ll take anything, man. I don’t really like slow drugs. I don’t like drugs that slow you down. I don’t like downers. I don’t like anything that makes you fucking buzz off to a dream world. I like things that heighten.

What’s wrong with pornography?

Who says our greatest moments aren’t to come?

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