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All heroes have escaped at some time. Escape… it’s magic, romantic.

During the robbery, you’re running on pure adrenaline, immediately after the robbery, there’s a gradual decline, and in my particular case, I felt empty. It was almost anticlimactic.

I became an old crook living on handouts from other old crooks.

I finished off at Maidstone, which is a good prison. I had a year in the library there and a year as a gym orderly when I used to run 10 miles a day, play badminton and then swim. Fucking marvellous life.

I never saw myself as a mini-cab driver.

I remember staying in many places when I was on the run, and in every one I was met with kindness.

It was all part of making out that I was someone. But what I really liked about being a thief was that every week you might find El Dorado.

The highest authority was the country, and we’d challenged the country. But none of us envisaged the wrath that was going to fall down upon us.

The life of the young outlaw appealed to me tremendously. Till I got nicked.

When you’re first nicked, you literally want to cry. Because it’s all gone, you’ve lost everything, the women generally, and just a bare cell.

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