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Don’t give less than it is right for you to give.

Either you are who you live to be, or you are not.

For success, no matter what sport you’re doing, start with something familiar.

Have a vision.

If people didn’t pass along what they’ve learned, we would never progress.

If you’re all into style but you’ve got no skillage, what’s the point?

If you’re having a bad day, catch a wave.

If you’re thinking, you’re already behind. You have to pre-think and prepare everything ahead of time.

In most situations, you can change. You can move. You can do some-thing to improve yourself and your situation. You have to be flexible. Your success can only come if you prepare yourself and have the ability to adapt. That comes about by being willing to invest in yourself and accept who you are today while being willing to morph into something better tomorrow.

In sports, if you get inside someone’s head, you own them. But it works both ways.

It’s always cool to be number one, to win, but if you’re not improving on your own performance, winning is negated.

It’s easy to make a good athlete. It’s very hard to make a good human being.

Losing and attaining your goal, that’s successful. Winning and not attaining your goal is not successful.

Make your agreements before you become emotionally involved because you don’t make good decisions when you’re emotionally involved.

No one can live out someone else’s vision; it has to come from within you.

Potential doesn’t mean much if you don’t put in the mental and physical work that is required to fulfill it.

So much of life is just perspective. So change your perspective, look at things differently and see what else there is to see.

Some people will always tell you that what you are trying to accomplish is impossible; those people have no idea what they’re talking about.

Take a moment to catch your breath and see what’s really going on.

The better you become at something, if you’re observant, you can see how many more things you could have done to make your performance even better.

The more observant you are, over time you begin to build up a real understanding.

There’s a focal point. There’s something that you’re actually supposed to be doing. If you get distracted for whatever reason, if you lose focus, then you’re not going to be successful.

To be successful, you cannot let yourself be tainted by other people’s fears’.

To become a capable, competent individual, learn from capable, competent individuals.

We need to give young people the opportunity to do things that are larger than what they can envision.

When you find yourself going to extremes, a good coach will pull you aside and ask, “What are we really trying to achieve here?”

When you’re experimenting and trying to learn, you’re going to fall – when you stop falling, you start stagnating.

With a lot of work, you can have an actual athletic experience through the process of visualization.

Work with what you’re being given.

You can only compete against yourself.

You can’t deal with the storm when it’s at its most tempestuous – you have to wait, and that takes a lot of resolve.

You have to be as informed as you can be about the situation ahead, but the only part of it you can actually control is yourself.

You have to break down every goal into smaller, achievable steps, and acknowledge accomplishing each of them.

You need a strong data bank of information to draw from, but you can’t just listen and not do. Frosty Hesson

You need to understand who you are, what you do that’s good, and then try to figure out how best to display your strongest maneuvers and skills.

Your first time in any new situation, you want to observe and fill in all the information you don’t have.

Your peace comes from knowing you’ve done all the things that you could have done. That’s why you don’t shortcut your training.

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