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Cultural imperialism involved, among many other things, exploration, missionary and humanitarian missions, travel, and the use of education and publishing to disseminate European ideas.

Free markets induce a natural collective reaction by society.

Globalization can also be seen as flow of “nothing” – as opposed to “something” – , involving the spread of non-places, non-things, non-people and non-services.

Globalization reinforces preexisting gender structures, barriers, and relationships, only now on a global scale.

If states themselves are less able to handle various responsibilities, this leaves open the possibility of the emergence of some form of global governance to fill the void.

It is increasingly difficult to find examples of warfare that are unaffected by globalization.

It was the mass sale and distribution of novels and newspapers that was critical to the rise of the imagined nation.

Marx’s insight of a century-and-a-half ago was not only highly prescient, but is far truer today than in Marx’s day.

One cannot understand globalization, and many of its problems, without understanding neo-liberalism.

One important point about the idea that there are multiple globalizations is the fact that it further complicates the whole idea of finding a point of origin for globalization.

The polar view, as it was for Marx, is that it was not material factors, but rather ideal factors, that are the main drivers of globalization.

The system is run by the few with the few as the main beneficiaries. Most of the people in the world have no say in these systems and are either not helped or are adversely affected by them.

While the US was hegemonic in the era of geopolitics, it is greatly weakened as globalization competes with, and gains ascendancy over, geopolitics.

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