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I always played a doctor. You had to have someone in a white lab coat to give a sex film some socially redeeming value to avoid obscenity charges.

I do not do anything for free as it relates to Deep Throat. If people are going to use me to sell more tickets, then I should be paid.

I got lost in booze.

I had nothing but debt when I first got sober. I hadn’t paid my taxes and I finally cut a deal with the IRS, but they had me peeing in a cup for five years.

I haven’t seen a porno film in 20 years or more. No need to. I got my wife.

I loved the sexual activity in the films, but the process got old very quick. When you’ve got 20 people behind the camera, and lights and things in your eyes, and people dragging hoses and wires over you while you’re trying to have sex, it became a job.

I never got a sense of accomplishment from adult films. In fact, I regretted the fact that I left the theatre. When I started to do porn films I was an Equity contract member of the National Shakespeare Company.

I only had one sexual experience in high school.

I think that there is a conservative, right-wing majority right now that doesn’t only want to crush sex, but they want to control people.

I used to have a little pistol and I put it to my head so many times, and thank God I didn’t have the courage to pull the trigger.

I used to say I refuse to make the same mistake once, when it came to marriage. That changed.

I was a cause celebre, but I never felt like the voice of a movement.

I was told the only thing you have to change is everything. That’s the only thing you can count on in life. Things are gonna change and then you’re gonna die.

I’m not the brightest guy in the world, but I’m a survivor.

In the past, everybody wanted movies of the week with sex and drugs and rock’n’roll and the Mafia.

I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame, now I would like my 15 years of retirement.

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