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I mean, money people are usually quite brisk, but mine aren’t, and they keep on giving me spaces so that I’ve been able to go on and do plays and films.

I meditate and do yoga. I sit cross-legged and try not to levitate too much.

I think the greatest star in American at the moment is Kevin Costner.

One of the wonderful things about this glorious holiday trip I’m on is that I’m in public with people. It hasn’t been inclined… I don’t know – something to do with the death of my wife. It’s inclined to make me isolated.

The provocation with Holmes is the fact that he’s described by Doyle as a man without a heart – all brain… and that’s very difficult to play, or even indicate.

Villains are very, very boring to do. They’re so much easier than heroes.

Don’t be too brave. Bravery is a fine thing on some occasions, but sometimes it can be quite a dangerous thing. The stiff upper lip is not always the best.

The most important thing when you’re working with greatness is to learn from it, not challenge it.

I’m not a very physical person, really. I used to think it would do me a great deal of good to lift weights, but I gave it up when my neck started getting bigger than my head.

I almost drowned in the pool because of the beauty of her (Audrey Hepburn).

Knowing that there is more to us than life and death makes one realise that all things are possible.

I would love to do some comedy. To make people laugh is the greatest gift of all.

One must always remember that we are not merely made of skin and bone. We are spiritual beings who can achieve all we set out to do. All we have to do is believe in the truth of our existence.

We were not put on this Earth by chance and either have we been put here simply to live and die. We are all on a wonderful journey of discovery. Not only to discover the joys and hardships of life, but to discover who we really are.

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