Lisa Vanderpump Quotes

Always tip well if service is good.

Class has nothing to do with money and vice versa.

Do everything you can ahead of time.

Don’t swear excessively.

Don’t take life too seriously. Have fun in your life. And, never forget my mantra – love and laughter supersede all!

Especially having a young son, I hate when I see boys with their underwear and jeans down to their knees. I can’t understand how that could even be a fashion trend.

I am a very open person. I will share anything.

I have diverse tastes, not like many designers, so I find that my style changes with each space I design.

I think it’s kind of a British humor to deflect the kinds of questions about our sex life. But clearly my husband would want it 10 times more than he is getting it. What man wouldn’t?

I would be lying if I didn’t say that every celebrity aspect of it isn’t beneficial.

I’ve been stretched in places that I didn’t know existed.

Kindness is classy.

Life in Beverly Hills is a game, and I make the rules.

Life isn’t all diamonds and rose… but it should be.

Make things beautiful, no matter how casual.

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