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I can’t imagine stop singing this music and saying, okay now I’m going to sing pop music. No, Fado is me, really.

I fall in love with the music and then choose a poem.

I heard a musician talking about hip-hop, saying that in some ways hip-hop was the CNN for black people. In a way I think fado was the CNN of that time for the working classes because it was the fadista who used to bring all the news and he was the one who used to open the people’s eyes to what was happening in the country.

I remember my first fado, but I can’t remember my first doll.

I try the whole time to listen to the old fado singers because we don’t have schools or conservatoires.

I would love to hear someone try to sing fado in a different language because… it would mean my culture is crossing and going farther.

I’m not reinventing fado, but I think I’m making some changes because of the way I’m trying to show what I feel.

It’s impossible and irresistible not to sing Amalia when you are a fadista because she had a wonderful voice.

My heart suffers a lot, and I feel an actual pain. But, at the same time, it’s good. I’m singing and I’m saying all the things I want to say, all the things I’m feeling, all my visions about life.

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