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A lot of European audiences are deathly quiet during songs, which can be as unnerving as it is good. But then you get to Istanbul and they talk all the way through.

A small teenage boy really doesn’t know about human relationships. It was REM, really, that convinced me that I could do it properly.

Funny tragic. It’s my own genre!

I absolutely hate Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I actually write best when I’m happy.

I always get everything wrong on stage. The audience loves it.

I definitely think there is a place in pop for intelligent music and intelligent lyrics because I still have a career.

I do dream about owning my own home. I dream about having a home of my own with a couple of dogs and my lovely girlfriend.

I don’t mind a bit of corporate sponsorship, as long as they have the cart before the horse.

I genuinely enjoy performing The only problem is being away from home for extended periods. Now I find it less and less appealing – but that’s just getting old. It’s a job; mustn’t grumble.

I like to write music without actually knowing what it’s for.

I liked it in the 50s when mothers and daughters were all whistling the same tune on the radio.

I swing from strange humility to absolutely ego-centric madness.

I tend to denigrate myself and my abilities when faced with people I admire.

I think my indie ethic still holds. You’ve got to be sure of why you’re putting in a chord, not because it sounds nice.

I was born old. I was an old man trapped in a young man’s body. Now I’m an old man trapped in a middle-aged man’s body.

I’ve always thought that entirely serious works of art seem to somehow be unrealistic because I don’t believe that anybody is entirely serious in life.

I’ve heard a lot of sermons from a lot of ministers over the years and my dad’s were always the best. Most conversations I have are basically flippant.

My records haven’t really sold in the States and I don’t mind.

Obviously I went to discos, but they were rubbish and didn’t play any music I wanted to hear. I still tried to dance with girls and failed.

Playing music is pretty much what I do when I’m bored, so they’ll be plenty of shows.

The more you see of life, the more it helps the songwriting.

To have a job at all this far into things is quite a bonus.

Well, I’m afraid I don’t really have a fresh new sound. I enjoy being contrary. It doesn’t do much for album sales, but it’s got me a certain niche. And it means I can carry on.

You know, every album I put out, I wonder whether this might be the one that the Mercurys decide on.

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