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Serge Gainsbourg

Alcohol keeps the fruits. Smoke keeps the meat.

Beauty is the only revenge of women.

Better not think of anything than not to think at all.

Better to cry than just to laugh at everything.

Cigarillos have the advantage of creating a vacuum around me.

Hugs and punches in the mouth are the thick and thin strokes of love.

I came to steal you one hundred million kisses.

I had a heart attack. It proves that I have a heart.

I know my limits. That’s why I’m beyond.

I will compose to decomposition.

If I had to choose between a woman and a final cigarette, I would choose the cigarette. You can throw it away easier!

If I were God, I might be the only one not to believe in me.

I’m a rusty bullet shot and I will die of tetanus.

In a couple, there is always one who suffers and one who pisses off.

Love is a crystal that breaks into silence.

Love is blind and his cane is pink.

Love without philosophizing is like having a quick coffee.

Luck is a bird of prey flying blindfolded.

Men make love. Mothers make the miracle.

My mother was beautiful, my father too. I do not see where my ugliness can come from… Maybe from my dog.

Physical love is hopeless.

Snobbery is a bubble of champagne which hesitates between burping and farting.

The man created gods. The opposite is yet to be proved.

The mask falls, the man remains, and the hero vanishes.

Ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts.

We take women for what they are not and leave them for what they are.

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