Souto de Moura Quotes

There is nothing but sustainable architecture – because the first precondition of architecture is sustainability. Sustainable architecture is a tautology.

Harmony can be achieved only through conflict. At Braga Stadium, it was a drama to break down the mountain and make concrete from the stone. The concrete is the mountain, no longer in natural form, but in man-made form.

There’s a word that is seldom used in architecture nowadays, one that is rather kitsch, and I believe it should be used more: appropriateness. Things have to be appropriate.

My architecture fluctuates considerably between the full and the empty, the open and the closed.

When I design a building, I have to work out ten different designs just to choose one, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Architecture cannot depend on machines.

I think nature was born to be manipulated, but the manipulation should not be indiscriminate.

Architects don’t have to leave their mark on the whole cityscape.

Architecture requires censorship from the architect and the client.

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