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A bass should sound like a bass with the thump of the finger against the wood, like it began with stand up.

After moving to England I did some recording and eventually formed an English band, this was together for quite a few years with only a keyboard replacement. The band had no name, just my name.

As far as more recognition goes, I am happy with the amount of love and respect I have received from other artists and the public. Of course, I would love more, and think I deserve it.

For 43 years I’ve been doing this job and carrying my bass around the world. It’s kept me fit if nothing else.

I also have a big love of classical music played on piano because this is the environment I grew up in my brother being one of the great masters in this world.

I am busy touring all over Europe, Japan, and Australia.

I am flattered to have been the woman to have opened the door for female rockers to be accepted into the mainly male industry.

I have record approximately 10 studio albums. I had 16 top ten singles and sold in excess of 45 million records all over the world.

I have recorded nine tracks for a new album which I financed myself and am looking for a home for.

I read and write classical piano and percussion, also guitar.

I’m more satisfied now. Divorce freed me to do other things – play in a musical and write a musical and generally do things that took me out of my comfort zone.

In Japan, they named a sake after me.

Joan was one of my biggest fans, as was Chrissie Hynde.

Len and I had parted musical ways and this was one of the problems.

My feet never touched the ground. Lots of good groups with crazy and unique images. It was wild. I spent all of my time doing gigs, TV appearances, interviews, or recording. I could write a book – and probably will.

My look hasn’t changed in years. It’s a uniform of T-shirts, ripped jeans and cowboy boots. I have a black fitted suit that I wear on the odd occasion when I have to dress up, but I tend to have rocky things in my wardrobe that I pull out and recycle.

My mom raised me as a Catholic to know right from wrong. I should have known better. Because right is right and wrong is wrong. That’s real simple, isn’t it?

Rock and roll mainly but I can play passable jazz also.

The bass player’s function, along with the drums, is to be the engine that drives the car… everything else is merely colours.

The Pleasure Seekers eventually turned into Cradle, when we started writing our own material. My younger sister Nancy was brought in as singer and I kind of stepped aside as main lead singer and concentrated on my instrument.

Then my own TV chat show in England in 1989.

When I go on stage, turn my back to the audience and shake my ass and there’s silence – then I stop.

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