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Chavez will win on April 14.

Flaky little Capriles, wishy-washy little Capriles, the little rich boy.

I voted for him, the big guy, for my father.

If anyone of the people votes against Nicolas Maduro, they’re voting against themselves. They will be bringing on the Macarapana curse.

If I had lost by one vote, I would have accepted my responsibility.

I’m an apostle of Chavez.

I’m not a opportunist, I’m not an individualist, I’m not ambitious for power, and I’m not bourgeois.

I’m the son of Chavez and I’m ready to be president.

Let’s give them a devastating knockout that will make them pick up their little bourgeois guy lying on the ground.

Never in my life did I ever aspire to any political position at all. I always dreamed of reaching old age alongside Commander Chavez.

Suddenly there came a bird, ‘Chiquitico,’ and it flew around me three times, it chirped a little while, flew around me again, and then left. I felt his spirit.

They want to be Yanquis. Who doubts that the United States is the one who sustains, supports and finances the candidacy of the little right-wing Yanqui?

To the bourgeois, electoral campaigns are simple carnivals for their demagoguery and lies.

We know that our commander is standing before Christ. Something influenced the selection of a Pope from South America. Some new hand appeared, and Christ said, ‘The time of South America has come.’ That’s how it looks to us.

Who doubts that the candidate of the bourgeoisie is the candidate of the gringo empire aiming to take over Venezuela? No one!

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